understand the kind of dilemma. "I told George that if he needs any advice to call me, I am willing to teach him something."George joked: "I will always remember my rookie, Bryant took 33 minutes on my head, then choking my coach Brian - Shaw, his former teammate Kobe Bryant."As will be the Lakers play, George said firmly: "can not happen, I mean Kobe is a great teammate, with him playing some great,  nike air max 1 mens   but I imagine Kobe Bryant, are writing their own entire career in the same team. . The history last night, CBA league the second half of the game broke Sichuan men's basketball team on the road 81: 108 Xinjiang team lost a large margin.The first round of the regular season, fighting off Xinjiang Chengdu, thought no suspense game, Xinjiang team has played extremely arduous, first and third quarters are behind Joseph, the last victory only 8 minutes. And more than half of the season, Sichuan and Xinjiang team has replaced both teams coach and foreign aid, but the change is clearly different from the two teams. Wan-Jun Cui Xinjiang team after the reunification, the team scores with improvement immediately, but can not win the Sichuan team still trapped in the quagmire.The only good news is that Joseph Orton new foreign aid began to find the feeling, 18 points and 10 rebounds for the 30 minutes of playing time, it was decent. Because of the focus inside Xinjiang team players sidelined Zhou Qi, Xinjiang team defensive intensity significantly decline in the paint, Orton twice in the third quarter of immediate concern in the hinterland of Xinjiang dunks, including one



 still facing Blache defense, caused by the way today to replace Zhou Qi Su Wei starting foul. Not only that, Orton also show a one-pointers, two times he hit the three-point shot, and Feiba seven shots but only hit twice starker. In addition, Orton also honored "worked hard throws" commitment, eight penalty 6, free throw percentage increase a lot.Friday, Sichuan, Liaoning men's basketball team will face the leader in men's basketball arena, which will be an uphill battle. From January 23 last year, formally announced its entry into professional boxing, Zou Shiming in less than two years to stand on the big stage of the World Boxing Championship. Chengdu  nike air max 90 hyperfuse uk  Chinese Commercial News reporters Jin Ridui and Zou Shiming had an exclusive interview, when asked why we can only 6 games, they get the gold belt challenge right, Zou Shiming seriously said: "There is a piece that is Kobe Bryant know four o'clock every day like Los Angeles, which is the reason for his success. This is not a joke, because I know the way to Los Angeles 4:00! "Chengdu Business Daily: When you enter the professional boxing has been 32 years, what prompted you to make this choice Zou Shiming: Many people have asked me the same question, but my answer is always the same. For the boxer, life stage, only two, one is the Olympics, a professional the ring. I've proven myself on the stage the Olympic Games, then the ring i



s my next career goal. I was a poor boy from the mountains of Guizhou, is watching Ali, Tyson's game, before choosing this path boxing. Therefore, to become like them professional boxing is my biggest dream. Yes, I was already 32 years old, but so what  This dream, whether I was 27 years old (won the Beijing Olympic champion), 31 years (won the London Olympic champion) or 32 years old, is the same.Chengdu Bnike air max skyline mens usiness Daily: come out from within the system to require great courage, what kind of power this gives you courage Zou Shiming: still a dream. To be honest, after the London Olympics, with my years of savings, they do not squander, I have enough life and family. Within the system, I have compiled, there are positions, there are administrative level, even I may be able to go sit in a higher position. But in an office every day is what I want it  I have asked myself over and over again, the answer is the same, this is not the life I want. The battle generals inevitably perish, boxers also fell down in the boxing stage. This idea is like a volcano, constantly in my heart crest. When I can not suppress it, there is nothing can hinder me to pursue it.Chengdu Business Daily: In the past two years, what you are experiencing difficulties, which you most memorable Zou Shiming: The first is the inner struggle, because once taken this step, I might have previously aura, honor and hard wo