are several locations 23-man squad did not settle downYesterday after the game, Perrin said in an interview, said the first place, very grateful for the support of the media, "can only stand here, all the hard work." For why would temporarily change the rules of the game, Perrin said the mainly Asian Cup just around the corner He hopes the lineup a little more running, "For the team, it elected 2 nike air max thea womens 3 people is a very difficult thing, and I up to now, there are several locations have not been established, so I need this game to help me to continue to examine the players. "Perrin said, there is a case of the players do not want to let the team appeared injured," Currently our training than larger, in this case, if the request in accordance with the rules of the team's points race for the game, some players are not bound to make a break, even the case of injury, I can promptly replaced in the first half in the sea, it is precisely because the rules allow. "In the first half, with the other side of the sea scraping process, knocked down by an opposing player, along with Hou Peilan be replaced. For injured in the sea, Perrin said should not be a big problem, "just a little intense collision will not affect the game Chenzhou."For yesterday's game, Perrin is quite satisfactory, "The players are training our usual thing, applied to the actual game, which is a good sign that our two striker



s (Gao Lin, Yang) have performed Yes, a person has a goal. "But Perrin also pointed out that the team on the run, has not yet reached the best," at the end of the game with the Palestinian Chenzhou, I will arrange for the final 23-man squad. "Chinese boxer Zou Ming and Thai boxing champion Ron Long Lun yesterday held a press conference in Shanghai, announced that it will conduct a battle IBF flyweight champion in Macau next year March 7. If Zou Shiming will win, he will crowned world champion fought professional boxing gold belt in the seventh game after the game.Make the tournament more attractive concern is two boxers fight record, they are moved from amateur boxing professional boxing. In their fight against the three amateur events in London drag nike air max 2015 for sale on made first win. In 2007 King's Cup boxing tournament, Lun dragon as Thai amateur group off the bench in his first international competition was coming to beat Zou Shiming. After two encounters, Zou Shiming were defeated Aaron Long, especially in the crucial Beijing Olympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Games, he is to beat his opponent and eventually win promotion. Today, the two territories in professional boxing again, against exciting.In the press conference, Ron Long Lun seated at the venue early, Zou Shiming passing, squeezed each other's back, they laugh, and then link the camera, but the arrival of a hug, Thais Zou



 Shiming also gave a personal album. "We are friends." Zou Shiming and Ron Lun dragon in unison.Asian Games four years ago after losing to Zou Shiming, Ron Lun dragon fought in professional boxing, and won the IBF flyweight gold belt in January this year, has since defended twice, career overall record of 14 wins 0 negative 5 KO opponents."Our technical style similar, defensive back, he was stronger than ever." Zou Ming Tan words, "This is the best present I could choose the opponent, Ron Long Lun is at its peak, he had to defeat persuasiveness. "In the efforts to promote the company TOP RANK, Zou Shiming successfully avoided flyweight strongest rival Estrada, against Artest Lun dragon familiar, as is the removal of boxing gold the best choice for the belt. However nike air max 2014 mens , Zou Shiming has bigger ambitions, "after the gold to get IBF belt, I would like to complete the four organizations united front in the next year, and then to a level beyond challenge."35-year-old Ron Lun dragon but do not think they will lose the war in March, the "twice before losing to him, I think he did not lose, is the final decision of the referee scores a problem, the Macau showdown, I believe that the judge will then give a fair judgment. "He bordered on the gold belt of the two personal photos," This belt will always belong to me, who can not take away. "2014 is the in-depth implementation of the"