FedExForum Memphis, the Grizzlies Warriors VS, which is a direct contest the league's best record between the two teams. Topic: skilled jumper "spray brothers" PK small Garland Dorf "best insider."As previously mentioned Buckley as when to pour cold water on the Warriors, this time, the Warriors born jumper, jumper died.After more than 98 105 lose this match-ups, the Warriors have this crazy 16-game winning streak end, but if you want to explore the reasons for union "leader" losing, over-reliance on a jumper and a lack nike air max skyline sale of low attack means, apparently is the primary cause.The game, "spray brothers" in the sight of Stephen Curry nothing, only a three-pointers in 10 shots. Another "marksman" Klay Thompson with 22 points can only be regarded as normal play.Match, Warriors 41 jump shots, only hit 13 balls, hit rate is poor 31.7%, which is lower than their season average of nearly 7 percent.The Grizzlies' Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph two inside the state brave, combined for 41 points and 17 rebounds. Warriors want to win, really a bit difficult.Fortunately, a good attitude Curry, after the game, "Meng God" about winning streak concerned, frankly there is no particular regret:. "We understand that this wave-game winning streak is a very good course, is an unprecedented achievement in the history of the team is the With this understanding, we can calmly face such a defeat, and then move on. We'll be fine. "Chouzhou bank announced in advance on a home, the second Friday in Yiwu open play this season Round Zhejiang Derby site will send 5 iPhone 6, which of



 course is to attract fans to the scene watching the province to force promotion, but wanted to attract the majority of the fans, or the Derby itself charm. Last night this one, Zhejiang planes are on the road, Chouzhou Bank in Shanghai, mansions for Bayi two balls can be seen as a warm-up for the derby.Coincidentally, this time the Derby, the main challenge faced by both sides are the same, it is uncertain state aid. Chouzhou banks make long war ahead of comeback Charles, Franklin mansions, aura faded, as a key factor in the key game tomorrow night, in what state they will happen CharlesOnly a warm-up ballBack opener had to be gradual. Charles played 28 minutes, 9 of 14 shots, scored 20 points and grab eight rebounds, including five that he was able to settle down in the CBA rebounds. Have not see the impact of a leg injury on Charles, he is still lacking match fitness and feeling."Charles back to the U nike flyknit max cheapS to rest for two weeks, come back a week or so, the state should be fully restored about ten days time. Now he is not the main problem is the physical recovery, we communicate with him, decided to play the game the way to practice physical, now let him play 8 minutes per session. "But Qi, general manager of the club Chouzhou Bank, said.Charles appeared in Shanghai on the road, or people somewhat unexpected. He was in November 12 game against Shandong calf muscle strain, when the club 



Chouzhou Bank's argument is to rest four weeks. Calculation time is almost up, but then the team with the bench after Johnson signed a two-month contract, as firefighters, Johnson's performance is not power, but, at this time node, preferring to hold Johnson, Charles will not hesitate to make a comeback, Chouzhou bank could see the next attempt a stroke determination.Charles is only one point to make a change, does not change Chouzhou Bank last night unable to win situation. After 101:129 defeat, acting coach Bo Zhang Yu concluded: "From the beginning of the season there has been a problem, we did not address was particularly good, and that is the defense of the Shanghai team six players in double figures, we lost 32. rebounds. "Some tidbits OTC, and even affected the players focus on the degree Chouzhou Bank. Section III, on the sidelines technical representatives suddenly nike air max tn sale collapsed, interrupted the game two minutes, Zhejiang team then collapse. In this regard, Zhang Bo rain does not deny that this affects the players:. "This is the difference between young and immature and mature young team would be the opponent, the referee, and even affect the recording station which is immature one. species reflect. "Fortunately, the derby has never let both players lack of concentration.FranklinChun still did not let worryChouzhou bank abandoned before the derby Johnson, Gibson and