pe to attract the attention of the other party in this way. "In fact, until yesterday, the club owner Lin Qin did not show up, he was commissioned by the secretary and the players just met.Because Guangzhou Sunray Cave has overall transfer to Shaanxi, let this incident become more complex since Wages, new nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap, old club which each bear the costs  Guangzhou Sunray Cave side said, according to the terms of the contract, and Xi'an, the players full wages from October to December and 2 million yuan relegation payment of bonuses by Shaanxi. Sunraycave regard will be issued two winning awards and two flat ball prize arrears expense related to the process already gone, will soon be distributed to the player's bank card. The only that is responsible for aspects of Shaanxi in November and December two months salary, wages still Sunraycave October payment. As previously promised bonuses paid 2 million yuan relegation, after the issuance of the players went to Kunming will build. A person in charge of the club said yesterday, today, and will send someone to go to Guangzhou Sunray Cave aspects of docking and communication, "the matter will be resolved soon."6:00 yesterday evening, the players have left the club, but they and the two clubs did not reach consensus on Wages. Guangzhou Sunray Cave players made it clear that the issue is not resolved before the arrears of wages, they will not 



go to Kunming to report to the new owner. Why Wages often better than the day it really all depends on the bossGuangzhou Sunray Cave collective pay talks the way the players are not 2014 Chinese football's most sensational. In July this year, living in the same armor Shenzhen team to a FA Cup match as the pay talks the stage - a team player to give up before the warm-up, while holding protest banners admission; after the opening 11 for the party  goal one minute of silence for the recovery of deep football player more than 900 million Wages this done, let the Shenzhen team coach Li said after the game, and sometimes even feel when his team to migrant workers do not like  Today, Shenzhen team Wages issue remains unresolved, many intolerable players filed a nike air max skyline womens  complaint to the labor department.Pay talks for Chinese football uncommon event, a Greentown club officials feel helpless: "From the current situation, the Chinese football has not really possible to survive the club through self-blood, so investors will be operating conditions determine the team's survival, it is prone to wages. "A ball played in a club in Greentown players, said: "Compared to the Super League club, in a club to be much more chaotic situation Wages will often occur, which is a lot of players would rather play in the Super League to take points off the bench less money, is not willing to play the main reason to go t



o the A's. "A recent study showed that yoga is a good sport to prevent heart disease, especially for those who can not do strenuous exercise more effective.British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said that the Netherlands Institute researchers do 37 assessment found that yoga can reduce the risk of heart disease, such as high blood pressure and cholesterol to help alleviate the problem.Using ancient techniques of yoga, improve people physical, mental capacity, emotional and spiritual aspects of a reach physical, mental and spiritual harmony and unity of movement.Rotterdam Medical researchers found that compared with the full without any exercise, yoga can help to a certain extent reduce the risk of obesity.The study also found that, compared with other forms of exercise such as walking or jogging, yoga fairly basic functions. Although researchers have not clear why yoga workout can achieve  nike flyknit max sale such results, but they believe may calm emotions with yoga. Anxiety is considered to have a direct correlation with heart disease and high blood pressure, and stretching exercises such as yoga postures and breathing regulator, may be more oxygen into the body and thus play a role in lowering blood pressure. United States Olympic Committee announced that it will bid for the 16th Summer Olympic Games in 2024, the bidding cities from Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington generate hope